April 29 2013 Monday at 11:33 PM

Welcome to Kourvosieur Luxury Fashion

Kourvosieur sophisticated femininity, clever color combinations and delicate, original prints embody the DNA of the soon to be iconic ready to wear label, Kourvosieur.
Founded as a ready to wear line in Spring 2013 the label soon to debut.
This amazing new line is looking into expanding there sites into swimwear & lingirire amongst other things. In which should have an immediate, loyal following among all style stalkers!
We all want to look Fab!! So why not wear Kourvosieur! The blending together of flattering, sexy silhouettes with bold color & print choices will allow Kourvosieur to be a knock out.
In addition to swim and ready to wear, Kourvosieur will extend there brand into features.
Kourvosieur Apparel embodies an amazing flirt with style. The 200 piece collection is expected to be the buzz of the fashion industry.
Kourvosieur's style has a flare and sophistication of it's own. In which is transfred into the DNA of Kourvosieur.
You will want to wear every piece in our amazing collection!!!

So what are you waiting for! Shop #Kourvosieur!!